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Kenwood Sense Food Processor - New!
Kenwood Sense Food Processor Attachment New! Start creating delicious stir frys, dips and sauces ..
AT340 Pro Slicer & Grater Attachment
AT340 Pro Slicer & Grater Attachment - Continuous action This powerful tool works non-stop t..
Kenwood Disc Storage Box for KAH647PL, AT647 - AT340 - Food Pro Models
Kenwood Disc Storage Box - KAH647PL, AT647 and AT340 - 7x Disc Features:  Protective, ..
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Kenwood kMix Attachment Adapter KAT002ME - kMix / Sense to Chef
Kenwood kMix Attachment Adapter KAT002ME - kMix / Sense to Chef (Twist to Bar) Bar Adapter f..
Kenwood Chef KAX941PL Grain Mill Attachment
KAX941PL Grain Mill Attachment - Kenwood Chef / Sense / kMix Making your own bread? Why..
KAX400PL Dicing Attachment - NEW!
KAX400PL Kenwood Dicing Attachment for Chef / Sense / kMix Kenwood has created this special acces..
Colander and Sieve - Kenwood Sense
Colander and Sieve Attachment - Kenwood Sense (Chef) Chef Sized Colander and Sieve - with a choic..
Kenwood Sense Pasta Maker Attachment
Pasta Maker Attachment - Metal - Kenwood Sense Features: Perfect for creating fresh home ma..
Kenwood Food Grinder / Mincer KAX950ME Attachment
KAX950ME Mincer / Multi Food Grinder Attachment Features: For quality volume proc..
KAX970ME Flat Pasta Roller Attachment
KAX970ME Flat Pasta Maker Attachment - Lasagne Features: An adjustable thickness pasta roll..
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