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Kenwood kMix Folding Tool
Folding Tool - Kenwood kMix Mixers Lifts ingredients from the bottom of the bowl The design of..
Kenwood kMix Mixer Tool Shaft
Kenwood kMix Replacement Mixer Tool Shaft Features: Stainless steel replacement mixer ..
Kenwood kMix Creaming Beater
Flexible Beater Mixer Tool - kMix Mixers only Create deliciously creamy cakes with the kMix ..
Spiral Dough Hook - kMix - Mixer Tool
New! Spiral Dough Hook Mixer Tool - Kenwood kMix Mixers only The Best Dough Hook ever! Fe..
Kenwood kMix Glass Mixing Bowl
Kenwood kMix Glass Mixing Bowl Made from high quality, durable borosilicate glass, the kMix glass..
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Kenwood kMix Splashguard
Kenwood kMix Splashguard Features: Prevents flour from clouding, especially when mixing lar..
Kenwood kMix KMX75 Splashguard
Kenwood kMix KMX75 Splashguard Features: Prevents flour from clouding, especially when mixi..
Kenwood kMix K Beater - Mixer Tool
Kenwood kMix K Beater Mixer Tool - kMix Mixers only Whether you’re making pastry or biscuits..
Kenwood kMix Whisk - Mixer Tool
Kenwood kMix Balloon Whisk Mixer Tool - kMix Mixers only Designed for optimum whisking perfo..
Motor Carbon Brushes - Pair - Kenwood kMix
Motor Carbon Brushes Pair - Kenwood kMix Mixers only Features:  Replacement Carbo..
Kenwood Chef / XL & kMix KAT002ME - BAR Attachment Adapter to Twist (Hex) Mixer
Kenwood Attachment Adapter KAT002ME - BAR Attachment Adapter to Twist (Hex) Mixer Bar Adapte..
Kenwood Chef Attachment Adapter KAT001ME - Chef to kMix / Sense
Kenwood Chef Attachment Converter KAT001ME - Chef to kMix / Sense Twist Adapter for Bar Type..
KAX400PL Dicer Attachment - NEW!
KAX400PL Kenwood Dicer Attachment for Chef / Sense / kMix Kenwood has created this special access..
AX910 kMix Pasta Maker Attachment
AX910 kMix Pasta Maker Attachment - Metal Pasta Fresca Features: Perfect for creati..
Kenwood kMix Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
kMix Food Mixing Bowl - Stainless steel Features: Large 4.6 litre capacity bowl Poli..
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