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Food Processor Attachment for A901 and KM Models  - New!
Food Processor Attachment for A901 and KM models New! The attachment we have all been waiting for..
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Kenwood Chef Sausage Filler tubes - Vintage Models A701A - A901
Kenwood Chef Sausage Maker / Filler Tubes - Vintage Models - Exclusive to Kenwood Chef ! Home-mad..
Based on 2 reviews.
AT312 Citrus Juicer - 600ml
AT312 Citrus Juicer Attachment Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C and this handy ..
AT340 Pro Slicer & Grater Attachment
AT340 Pro Slicer & Grater Attachment - Continuous action This powerful tool works non-stop t..
AT320A Multi-Mill Attachment
AT320B Multi-Mill Attachment (mini-chopper) A great little accessory for chopping, milling, grind..
Kenwood AT643 Roto Food Cutter Attachment
AT643 Roto Food Cutter Attachment - Kenwood Chef / Major Last one! This device cuts throu..
AT970A Flat Pasta Roller Attachment
AT970A Flat Pasta Maker Attachment There's nothing to beat the authentic taste of freshly made pa..
Kenwood Disc Storage Box for KAH647PL, AT647 - AT340 - Food Pro Models
Kenwood Disc Storage Box - KAH647PL, AT647 and AT340 - 7x Disc Features:  Protective, ..
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AT320A-M Multi-Mill Attachment
AT320A-M Multi-Mill Attachment (mini-chopper) - Vintage Chef and Major Features: Multi Mill..
Kenwood Chef / Major Pasta Maker Attachment
Pasta Maker Attachment - Metal - Pasta Fresca - For Kenwood Chef and Major There's nothing to bea..
AT930A Colander and Sieve - Major
AT930A Colander and Sieve Attachment - Major NOW DISCONTINUED Purée or sieve ingredients strai..
Kenwood Chef Colander and Sieve
Colander and Sieve Attachment - Kenwood Chef Chef Sized Colander and Sieve - with a choice of two..
Kenwood Chef KAX941PL Grain Mill Attachment
KAX941PL Grain Mill Attachment - Kenwood Chef / Sense / kMix Making your own bread? Why..
AT950A Mincer Attachment - Kenwood Chef / Major
AT950A Food Mincer Attachment The Food Mincer is a high performance meat grinder that allows prep..
Based on 1 reviews.
AT956A Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment
AT956A Ice Cream Maker Attachment - Chef The Chef-sized frozen dessert maker is a fantastic attac..
Based on 1 reviews.
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