We restore all Kenwood Chefs dating back to the 1950's,


We are the first company who specialize in Vintage Kenwood Mixers

We will leave your machine like new, we use only eco-friendly Polyester Powder paint coat finishes,

full clean and lubrication of gears for a quieter running machine.

* * *  

We are small business making a living out of a hobby and a passion.
We have done our best to provide you with a great service and hope you are satisfied with the end result.
If however you are dissatisfied with anything, please let us know and will endeavour to put things right.
We thank you for your business and for allowing us to keep the great British Kenwood Chef product in the limelight!

* * * 

Since opening in 2007 Kenwood Chef Restore is the first and only company to Restore Vintage Kenwood Mixers. 

We made important jobs for Kenwood UK, Kenwood Hong Kong and Kenwood Australia

* * *

Kenwood Hong Kong ordered from us two Restored mixers.  An A700D in classic Cream and an A700A White.

On show in Hong Kong to present the Kenwood Cooking Chef mixer.

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  • 27021_388518996390_6794799_n.jpg

Kenwood Australia also ordered three Restored mixers from us.    

A Kenwood Chef A901 in White,  a Kenwood Chef A700D in White with Red trims and a Kenwood Chef A701A in White with Grey trims.  

On show at the Kenwood Cooking Chef Launch Party  - Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney, Australia

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Kenwood UK Ltd ordered some trial paintwork colours from us.

New Accent Colours for the Kenwood Chef Classic mixer

  • DSC00916.jpg
  • DSC00908.jpg
  • DSC00904.jpg
  • DSC00926.jpg
  • DSC00900.jpg
  • DSC00894.jpg
  • DSC00892.jpg
  • DSC00913.jpg
  • DSC00876.jpg
  • DSC00881.jpg

Kenwood UK ordered trial paintwork colours from us for the kMix mixer

Complete bodywork colours instead of the two-tone colours

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  • DSC00805-001.JPG
  • DSC00802-001.JPG