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Ice Cream Maker - Model A956A Chef - A957A Major 


For making delicious home made ice creams & sorbets

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    This fantastic attachment makes fresh wholesome home-made ice cream, sorbets and frozen yogurts.
     ● Ice Cream Makers for Chef & Major models  ● Makes soft Italian style ice cream in a mere 20 mins
     ● Makes fresh ice cream in less than 30 mins.   ● Double edged paddle fully combines all ingredients
     ● Makes Sorbets and healthy frozen yogurt ● Clear cover keeps mix cool whilst its chute allows mix to be added easily
     ● Up to 1 Litre (2 Pints) capacity  ● Designed for easy cleaning
     ● Includes freezing bowl, lid, spatula, Kenlyte bowl and double edged polypropylene paddle  ● Genuine manufactured accessory by Kenwood

    Product A956A fits Chef - A701A, A901, A902/A904 and all KM & KMC Models    
    Product A957A fits Major - A707A, A717, A907 and all Major KM & KMC Models  


  • Sherry Trifle Ice Cream - Absolutely Amazing!

  • Watch the video and see how simple it is!

  • Make Sherry Trifle Ice Cream - Video

Ingredients shown in the credits - courtesy of Murphys


Top Ice Cream Flavours

  1. Vanilla   2. Chocolate
  3. Strawberry   4. Neapolitan
  5. Chocolate chip   6. Mint chocolate
  7. Cookies and cream   8. Vanilla fudge ripple
  9. Cherry   10. Coffee


 Ideal for Summer!


Download Ice Cream Maker Instruction Guide - A956 / A957  Ice Cream Maker Instruction Manual


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